Deb's Confections
Cake And Cupcake Flavors
 White, Chocolate, Yellow, Red Velvet *, Smores', Tiamisu *, Marble, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Dulce De Leche *, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, German Chocolate *, Green Tea, Key Lime, Carrot (TRUE CARROT) *, Spice, Coconut, Chocolate Creme de Mint, Champagne *, Mocha, White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut*, Berry-Luscious, Apple Cinnamon, Butter Pecan, Cappuccino* 

Frosting Choices
White Butter Cream, Chocolate Butter Cream, Cream Cheese *, Ganache, Mascarpone, Peanut Butter, Butter Cream, Mint Chocolate Butter Cream, Lemon Glaze, Almond Glaze, Brazilian Vanilla Glaze *, Flavored Fondants * (Hand Made and Flavored) 

Fill Ideas
Pastry Cream, Chocolate Pastry Cream, Praline, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese *, Peanut, Cherry, Custard, Chocolate Custard, Lemon, Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Cream Cheese *, Sour Cream/Cream Cheese *, Banana Cream, Mint 

* Indicates special pricing applies due to cost of fresh supplies. 
Please note any fruit fills are not Jelly and may be higher in cost added to cake out of season